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Antidote to stress two


Include Yoga Asana with poses such as headstand, child pose, cobra, forward/backward bend, sitting on heels, cow and cat.

Also consider including at least 12 rounds of Sun Salutation; this will boost your sense of energy for the day.

Exercise daily; whether it’s vigorous exercise or long walks; do it a few times per week.

Swimming or any other activity that engages your whole body.

Play your favourite song and dance to the tune freely, until you feel it in your body like electricity running thru.

There are activities that provide us with energy to live a fulfilling life; these are activities that nourish our mind, body and soul. But, then there are activities that deplete us emotionally and physically. Finding the right combination is a daily quest towards living in harmony, balance and joy.

let everything happen to you : beauty and terror. Just keep going no feeling is final. .- Rainer Maria Rilke

Monica is a wife and mother of two teenagers. Passionate founder of Zazen Meditation & Self-care Studio. She is a firm believer in the physical and spiritual healing of meditation. Monica shares her passion by empowering individuals in her community, facilitating workshops in Mindfulness, Holistic self-care and Emotional regulation. Under the umbrella of Mindfulness practices, Ayurveda Care, Yoga Therapy and Conscious Breath Work, Monica supports her clients by offering guidance in their healing journey.

Monica is trained in Akhanda- Hatha classical yoga , Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist, Restorative Yoga for emotional balance, Healing meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness based stress reduction. Monica is a strong advocate for mental health in her community to break the stigma. Extensively collaborates with the non-profit organization, Youth Mental Health Canada.

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