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ZaZen Studio offers a variety of meditation practices to nurture your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  Our group sessions consist of a maximum of ten participants and include the following classes: Body Scan, Kindness, Meditation Circle, Nidra, Sound Ceremony and SelfLove Meditation.

Mindfulness sessions for team building its offered for groups of 5 or 10 participants.

Meditation Pricing

Meditation Sessions


Body Scan

40min | $35.40

Mindfulness based stress reduction core practice, heighten your focus attention on the present moment with a progressive body scan, while focusing on the breath and body awareness. Exploring a full range of sensations and feelings. This meditation may alleviate stress, balance anxiety, moods swings and manage chronic pain.



30min | $35.40

The main intention is to gift yourself fully and open completely to generate feelings of genuine gratitude, cultivate self-compassion, loving acceptance and self-love. This heart centred experience explores various emotions increasing your ability to be present for yourself and others. Leave feeling joyful and self-fulfilled.


SelfLove Meditation

40min | $35.40

Applied meditation that combines mindfulness and self-compassion. RAIN (an acronym for Recognise, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) is a practice that helps you tap into difficult emotions when feeling overwhelmed. Whether it is anger, anxiety, fear, shame, or stress. RAIN practice will release the grip of that emotion and guide  you home gently.



40min | $35.40

Known as the yoga of sleep. This laid down motionless practice meditation guides you to the hypnagogic state between wakefulness and sleeping.  You will move your awareness from bodily sensations, to awareness of the breath, emotional landscape, inner space and visualization. 


Mindfulness Team Session


Forty-five minutes of daily mindfulness meditation as a team offers us a greater sense of wellbeing; Improve ability to remain task-focused; We also become better equipped to cope with daily stressors; Improve cognitive functioning; Creates awareness of mental roadblocks and build a more cohesive team environment.

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If you can breathe you can meditate

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