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Are you willing to sit in stillness?

Quiet your mind?

and Nurture your soul?


At ZaZen, we created a caring meditation and self-care studio that offers an oasis of serenity and inner connection. ZaZen is a wholehearted self-care practice to be united in oneself. We gently guide you, from your head to your heart, to a state of one-ness. 

In person or virtually, ZaZen’s professional team will guide you through guided and non-guided group meditation modalities such us, meditation based-stress reduction, sound, loving kindness, meditation essentials, nidra and pranayama. Each session is unique with specific intentions aimed to increase physical, mental, and emotional wellness. We also offer Ayurvedic holistic self-care services which include consultation, cleansing and maintenance health plans. - all offered in a kind and inclusive environment. There is also appointments available for one-on-one private meditation sessions.

Throughout the year, we provide a variety of workshops and special events to empower and support women. Some of the workshops include art and spirituality and monthly community meditations. Special events include diverse emotional and wellness balance group sessions such as: inner child, healing and forgiveness, befriending your fears, anxiety and depression. Stay tuned for exciting and vibrant sessions!

Did you know that regular meditation….

  • Thirty minutes of daily mindfulness meditation offer us: A greater sense of wellbeing; Improves ability to remain task-focussed; We also become better equipped to cope with stress; Improve cognitive functioning; Creates awareness of mental roadblocks and a more cohesive team environment.  

  • Bolsters immunity: the left, anterior part of the brain activates the positive emotions such as love, empathy and joy. Plus, this helps with increasing the number of antibodies in the bloodstream. 

  • Can potentially reduce serious health diagnosis: Emotional and psychosocial stress contribute to the onset and progression of breast cancer, including mortality. Meditation can help reduce stress, prevent cancer diagnosis and increase life quality after a diagnosis. Meditation may also help to release unwanted pattern behaviours.

  • Strengthens the brain: Working in collaboration with Tibetan monks, researchers found that meditation strengthens the part of the brain that enables us to focus better by voluntarily regulating it.

  • Reduces anxiety: by practicing regular meditation, this can help calm anxiety and irrational fears by increasing body awareness and regulating breathing.

At ZaZen, we are all about connectedness, nurturing and inspiration to build resilience to face everyday challenges with more love and compassion.


See you on the cushion…

Meet The Team


We invite you to visit us and explore our zen inspired studio!


"Meditation shows us that in the nothingness
everything co-exists"

- Monica Daza-Stephan
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