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How do you practice grounding?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Grounding, It means centring your personal energy to that of the earth to feel more stable and rooted.

For example, if you are too excited, you may be running too much energy through your body. The earth is a good place to shunt that extra energy. If you feel dizzy, you may be suffering from a lack of energy, and the earth has plenty to share. Once you are grounded, you can absorb the earth’s energy to replenish your low levels. To ground yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Take three slow deep breaths.

  2. Next, take a moment to feel your own energy flowing through your body. Focus on a point in the center of your chest and visualize a glowing green light. This is your chest energy center.

  3. Now visualize a tendril of green energy growing downward from your energy center towards the earth. Let it reach down past your feet. Visualize it growing into the earth itself, spreading into roots and twisting through the soil. Take a moment to feel how solid and stable your root is in the earth.

  4. Now with a formed connection with the earth, you can either allow your excess energy or replace the energy you are missing.

Grounding can be performed when you get up in the morning, the last activity at night, before any energetic work, or whenever you feel a little out of sync with the world around you.


About Monica,

Monica is a wife and mother of two teenagers. Passionate founder of Zazen Meditation & Self-care Studio. She is a firm believer in the physical and spiritual healing of meditation. Monica shares her passion by empowering individuals in her community, facilitating workshops in Mindfulness, Holistic self-care and Emotional regulation. 

Under the umbrella of Mindfulness practices, Ayurveda Care, Yoga Therapy and Conscious Breath Work.  Monica empower her clients by offering guidance to alleviate stress, regain physical, mental and emotional balance, facilitate recovery from life’s shocks.

Monica is trained in classical yoga , Ayurveda Care and Yoga Therapist, Restorative Yoga for emotional balance, Healing meditation and Mindfulness based stress reduction. Monica is a strong advocate for mental health in her community to break the stigma. She uses her voice to raise mental health awareness. Extensively collaborates with  non-profit organization, Youth Mental Health Canada. She enjoys cycling, moon gazing and spending family time.

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