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Our ocean of abundance & wealth

The universe is my supplier; there is plenty for everyone.

How does this statement make you feel? Are you comfortable? Extremely uncomfortable? Or somewhere in between? Did you feel annoyed or skeptical? Or did you notice anger surfacing up? These are all normal emotions. This statement is meant to stir up your core belief about how you perceive the concept of abundance and how you fit in it.

What is abundance

Levels of abundance vary from individual to individual and from area to area. Abundance equates to bountyness, fullness, and unlimited resources. It also gives a sense of living naturally with wholesomeness and fulfillment. It can be a state of living happily, comfortable and satisfied with our needs fulfilled, with plenty to offer.

Abundance goes beyond material things; it can extend to relationships, opportunities, health, including life and spiritual fulfillment. All are necessary to survive and thrive.

Make abundance work for you

Dr. Eric Chudler, Ph.D., a neuroscientist and Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington, studies plasticity/neuroplasticity on how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain. Dr. Chudler studies’ says that it is possible to reprogram your core beliefs through brain neuroplasticity. Long lasting functional changes in the brain occur when we learn or memorize new information. To illustrate plasticity, imagine making a coin impression in a lump of clay. The shape of the clay changes as the coin is pressed into the clay.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, B. Sc., with post-graduate training in the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, proposes that if we think the same thoughts every day, everything stays the same in the body. New thoughts will lead to new behaviours and experiences; this begins to change human biology, including the brain. “Thus, when you change, everything changes around you.”

Negative thoughts about lackness, scarcity and worthlessness can be reframed into new positive thoughts. Recognize your inherent goodness. Consistent repetition is key. We are actively rewiring the frontal cortex of the brain, creating long lasting effects to manifest new behaviours and patterns. As your positive thoughts increase, so will your level of abundance.

Go from scarcity to prosperity

Excess consumerism and unfair distribution of resources in over industrialized nations has created famine and adversity in many parts of the world. However, nature’s universal law is that the universe is good with plenty to offer all beings. Start by questioning your beliefs and see how they are serving you or are they harming others. We can attune to nature’s universal law and transform the way we live personally, including indirectly helping to change our planet.

After questioning your beliefs, begin to understand the deeper meaning of what state of happiness you want from life. Imagine yourself having what you want, doing what you love, and gaining what you desire. At this stage, you begin to believe you are inherently good and the universe can assist you to achieve joy. With this foundation, you can start working on the path to abundance and fulfillment.

Allow abundance inwards

Before starting with this practice, go to a place in nature where you feel expansiveness, where there are no edges, such as a lake, ocean, forest, or a path with no end. Direct connection with nature makes us feel connected and grounded to Mother Earth; this invokes the energy of abundance in our bodies. For example, I love to go deep into the forest and hug a tree; for me, this invokes the feeling of groundness and possibilities. Try it. Once you reach such a feeling, abundance is easier to let in.

Have fun with visualization

Imagine yourself going to a safe place where you feel tranquil and relaxed, it could be a garden, a beach, a lake or a forest. See yourself admiring the natural beauty of your surroundings, the colours, the plants, the birds, all of the planet’s creation. Take a few breaths, enjoy the feeling of serenity of your safe place. Next, imagine yourself going back to a calm, serene environment; picturing yourself with family, friends and a supportive community, doing what you love, having fun, enjoying financial freedom, and enjoying physical and mental health. Next, visualize the same for the rest of the world, living in harmony in a kind, fun environment. Have fun with visualization!

Abundance affirmations

Choose what resonates and feels true to you for a specific moment in time. Re-frame your mind; go from a level of complaining to creating thoughts of prosperity. With practice, this will become intentional. You can create an affirmation while meditating, walking, cooking, waiting in a queue, during your spare time. The thought of searching for an affirmation can fill up your mindset without even realizing the passing of time. Your mind is directed to one single point of attention.

With your affirmation, you can now open the abundance channel. With these steps, you can enter a new playground where the field is filled with abundance.

1. State a positive affirmation sentence.

2. Feel the energy of prosperity surrounding you.

3. Imagine the situation as it happens.

4. Connect to that feeling of enjoyment, including the benefits to the feelings of others.

Reframing an abundance mindset

  • I am open to receiving the blessings of this abundant universe. The more I receive, the more I give. The more I give, the happy I am.

  • Abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly. I accept my goodness and I am ready to receive the goodness of the universe.

  • I am connected to an endless supply of the universe’s pantry. I open my arms to receive prosperity, wellness, wealth and love, filling me up with what feels most true.

  • I am deserving of wealth, I am an abundant being, My creator is pouring over me.

  • The world is now becoming an abundant place for everyone.

  • I am grateful, I am whole, I am complete.

Gratitude & Abundance in action:

Practice gratitude daily

Every day at the end of the day, for each finger count one of your blessings until you complete 10. Everything count includes from the quality of air you breathe, to have enough to pay bills, to your friends and supportive relationships to the moments of challenges faced on that day.

Taking a stock of all your blessings, let in the feeling of expansiveness and abundance flows through your entire being like a river. The more we invoke this feeling, the greater the possibility to attract abundance it into our life. Abundance is our birthright and is a natural universal law, that the universe has enough to provide to all creatures. Gratitude allow us to connect to the natural state of abundance in life.


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Monica is a wife and mother of two teenagers. Passionate founder of Zazen Meditation & Self-care Studio. She is a firm believer in the physical and spiritual healing of meditation. Monica shares her passion by empowering individuals in her community, facilitating workshops in Mindfulness, Holistic self-care and Emotional regulation. Under the umbrella of Mindfulness practices to supporting her clients to unlock their fullest potential.

Monica is trained in Akhanda- Hatha classical yoga , Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist, Restorative Yoga for emotional balance, Healing meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness based stress reduction. Monica is a strong advocate for mental health in her community to break the stigma and extensively collaborates with the non-profit organization, Youth Mental Health Canada.

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