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Private Meditation Program Form

Welcome to our ZaZen community.

Please take quiet time and space to answer these questions - Please answer with clarity and honesty to the best of your abilities. This will set the foundation for the best learning path to follow. (The information disclosed here is to be used exclusively for your own session and completely confidential). Minimum number of sessions required to enrol in the program is 4 sessions.

Physical Wellness

How is your physical health?

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Have you been clinically diagnosed with any of the following: (check if)

Take this as an opportunity to bring awareness to areas of your life that may need more loving attention.and Emotional Wellness

Participant Requirements

By registering as a participant of ZaZen Studio Private Meditation Program, I agree to the following:

A. 24-Hour Cancellation Notice is required. Otherwise a full payment rescheduling fee will be charged.

B. Payment of $168.00 plus HST is to be paid in full prior to your session.

By signing below I acknowledge and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Thanks for submitting!

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