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Change is in the air! Can you feel it?

Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation, the general manager of a mid-sized company or self-employed, one thing is certain, everyone is navigating their way back to a hybrid, re-invented, school, career, job or lifestyle.

Here are eight tips to gradually adjust with ease into the process of reconnecting to a ‘new’ world with groundness and openness:

1. Acknowledge your emotions

We are emotional beings. By recognizing our feelings, we allow ourselves to receive messages from the people and the world around us. When we connect to our inner life and feel content, satisfied, nervous or fearful, we recognize these feelings and from that, we can make wiser and more congruent decisions to take action. Attending to your needs first, you become better prepared to offer your best to your family, workplace and community from a place of honesty.

2. Re-Connect to others

As you gain self-respect for your emotions, it’s one step closer to respecting how others are feeling as they try to go back to their “new” normal. Be mindful that everyone brings their own biological clock to change. Some of us will integrate with ease and accept the shift without major disruption in our life, while others will transition at a different speed. Like dating 101?

It’s beneficial to honor each other’s boundaries. For example, the new greeting formalities; it may be a new, awkward experience that involves learning a salutation, be it with an elbow pat or a foot tap or any other new unconventional way may be perfectly fine. Everyone will show their regards differently and that’s ok!

3. Be flexible and adaptable

More necessary than before, from the workplace, school and community, we must have the ability to blend the old with the new, especially with the latest innovative communication technology platforms.

Instagram Live, Facebook, Twitter, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and Zoom are some of the most populars, must-know applications to stay connected. These platforms speed up the learning curve for societies everywhere. Whether you are just learning these apps or are 100% confident using them, they all help to continue our daily activities, making belonging easier and meaningful in the middle of the world’s turmoil. To reach your full potential, remember to be flexible and show your capacity to adapt; these go hand in hand.

4. Keep your connections open

In addition to being emotional beings, we are also social spirits. This past year showed us countless restrictions over our loved ones, friends and coworkers. It pushed our boundaries where we needed to maximize our resources to keep us engaged and thriving without losing our sanity. Even grandparents learned to be self-sufficient and challenged their comfort level so that they can keep connected with their grandchildren and extended family. Maintaining communication channels will strengthen your mental health.

5. Create your “mindful” work routine

Together, we adjusted to the changes. We slowly discovered the challenges to slow down our fast-paced, multitasking oriented world. The crisis allowed us to relax, giving us the rare opportunity to restructure our busy life. We established new routines and made time to be more self-care oriented. Once we go back to the new normal, it is highly recommended to maintain these new habits and integrate the mindful routines. Creating windows of down time is possible when you are able to do things that are enjoyable. Make these routines sustainable and they will add a positive change to your life.

6. Be your own champion

We were able to experience and explore our life with more freedom to complete tasks at our own pace. This is not an easy task. We experienced zero-commute time, attending online work meetings in pajamas, managing our time a bit more efficiently, and enjoying family meals together again; giving us more quality-family time and extra moments for self-care. Our kids were given the opportunity to self-teach and practice time-management skills. Learning to improvise and getting out of the comfort zone brought us the greatest fortune for self-growth and development, including being self-reliant, self-motivated and self-disciplined.

7. Be spontaneous

Spontaneity means happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning, including the rare art of living in the present. We allowed more space and lived life with less resistance. We developed a greater plasticity to flow with the emerging change. And as news evolved, we did it too. The global health crisis opened the opportunity to cultivate an attitude to live in a spontaneous present. We had no choice but to live hour by hour, where we learned how to cope with a “last-minute mindset”.

8. Be compassionate

We have an innate capacity to be compassionate; to see the commonality between our suffering and the rest of the world’s suffering flourishes naturally. Believing that we can move forward together, opens infinite possibilities to embrace this ever-evolving, renewing world. Approach your colleagues with extra kindness. Try not to go overboard and assess each situation individually.

“Beneath the discomfort hides your greatest potentiality" .-M.D.


Special acknowledgment to Jessica Caceres.

Connect with Monica and share your insights or new learnings. Stay tuned for next month’s topic!

Monica, enjoys sharing her passion to empower women in creating a wholesome approach to mindfulness, self-care and healing by integrating the science of Ayurveda together with the therapy of yoga to unfold your fullest potential, offering custom one on one services and online workshops.

Her credentials include: Akhanda classical yoga instructor, Ayurveda and Yoga therapist, Yoga for limited mobility, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for emotional balance, Healing meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness meditation. Monica is a strong advocate and active volunteer with the community-based, youth-led charitable non-profit organization, Youth Mental Health Canada.

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