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Ten Ways To care for Vata In The Fall

Dry, light, cold and windy rough are all natural characteristics of the fall season, these qualities aggravate Vata dosha.

If you suffer from backaches, stiff joints, overall sense of coldness in the body and unsteady mind during the this transition time of the year, you can prepare yourself in advanced by following these simples self-care tips to tackle the fall season:

1. Try to be out of bed by 6:00 am, there is inherent silence and calmness around that time of the day


2. Yoga asanas for the fall to ground Vata dosha: Headstand, child pose, cobra, forward bend, backward bend, seating on the heels, cobra and cow and cat. Includes at least 12 rounds of Sun Salutation, will boots your overall sense of energy for the day.

3. Abhyanga or self-massage: at least 3 times a week every morning before your shower, rub eight ounces of warm sesame or almond oil all over your body from head to toe. Sesame oil is warm and heavy it will help to balance Vata dosha.

4.Practice deep breathing: alternate nostril breathing right after your yoga asanas, then meditate for 10-15 minutes.

5. Breakfast: Try oatmeal, cream of tapioca or any warm grain will help to pacify Vata.

6. Lunch and Dinner: Salads are not recommended. Opt better for mushy, creamy pasta, soft soups and stews, all these textures are better, add some ghee.

7 After dinner try some herbal teas such as: cumin, coriander and fennel (equal amounts), or try ginger-cinnamon-clove tea. Avoid coffee or black tea.

8. Dress warmly, on windy days cover head and ears. Include orange, red and yellow colours, which are warm colours.

9. Very active and vigorous activities should be avoided for Vata people, instead go for walk or a gentle yoga practice.

10. Drink spicy warmed milk at bedtime is beneficial in the Autumn season, it induces a sound a restful sleep. Before the milk is boiled and begins to rise up you can add a pinch of ginger and cardamon and a bit of nutmeg.

All of these tips will help you to feel grounded physically and mentally in this transition time of the year, which basically prepares your body and mind for the cooler months ahead.

Monica Daza-Stephan | Ayurveda & Yoga Therapist | Phone: 416-275-9141 |Email

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