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Is Autumn Season Good For Cleansing?

The Fall season seems to put many into a transition mode. In the Ayurveda's path, this could mean time to slow down, to cleanse, to recycle and recharge. In this blog, I will share different ways to honour our spiritual being, recognize our sacred soul, and shed emotional baggage that we have accumulated throughout the year.

Stones, seashells, water, sand and a candle can be used to symbolize the 5 elements

What Is Spiritual Cleansing?

This is a practice that allows your consciousness to get rid of all unwanted emotions, to let go of all limited beliefs. It should include a ritual to rid the old "you", to create space for the new “you”, and re-invent an improved version of yourself.

Why is Energy Cleansing a Good Practice?

When we physically detox our body with juicing and fasting, we are eliminating heavy foods from our diet to improve our digestion and metabolism. With our energy body, we first have to be ready to create the intention to want to get rid of all the heavy emotions and toxins. Next, set up the intention with what you want to attract or invite into your life; this is a nourishing and repairing practice. We have to let go before we invite in something new. 

The Three Bodies

Our physique is formed of three different bodies: the physical, the astral, and the causal. 

Physical: also known as the Gross body, consists of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.

Astral: is the five organs or perceptions, our conscious and subconscious mind, as well as our intellect. 

Causal: known as the magnetic, energy field, or the Chi, Qi, or Prana. Wherever we go, we leave an energy imprint and from others, we receive their energy. 

This continuous exchange of energy flow is very organic and natural, occurring continuously whether we are aware of it or not. Due to this energy exchange, we also tend to collect energy that doesn't belong to us. For example, when leaving a place of devotion or leaving your best friend’s home, have you ever noticed that you feel energized and peaceful? However, after a hospital visit, you find yourself drained or can feel an overall feeling of mental fatigue or irritability. In both scenarios, you picked up other people’s energies, therefore affecting your personal energy field.

Our aura or pranic energies get foggy, like a dirty mirror, affecting your physical, mental and magnetic fields. There are different ways to do a spiritual cleansing: water purification, chakra cleansing, an incense ceremony or a smudging ritual.

1. Water Purification

Our bodies are over fifty percent water, so it makes sense that we consider water to be a sacred source of life and healing. It is literally half of who we are and well over half of the earth's surface. Water cleanses and hydrates, produces nourishment, and when we get into water, it holds us in an embrace that leaves no part of us untouched. Meditating with water can also be a powerful way to align ourselves fully with your support system to make life both possible and pleasurable on many levels. 

You may wish to meditate in physical contact with a body of water; such as the intimacy of your bathtub, the vast container of an ocean, floating on your back in a swimming pool or sitting with your feet submerged in a pond. Or simply close your eyes and use your imagination to choose a location. Whatever you choose, remember to focus on listening to your breathing while your eyes are shut. At the same time, tune into a particular sound of water -- the rushing of a river, the loudness of a waterfall, or the silence of the ocean floor. Also, consider how the type of water you’ve selected reflects what you are seeking -- peace from the hectic surface of life, cleansing power to detox your body, or mood-lifting for a more positive attitude towards life.

As we move between breath-awareness and water-awareness, you can begin to release what is no longer needed into the rushing river or completely release your minds into the water's embrace as you float in the watery womb of an ocean or lake. When you feel ready to return to solid ground, back to your mind, ease your body back onto earth by lying flat on your back, allowing the water to bead and roll off your skin, soaking the earth and having it evaporate into the air. This will leave you cleansed, healed, and renewed.

Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, draw a bath and add a few or all of the following: a couple of spoonfuls of epsom salt, a few drops of eucalyptus essential oils, some crystals or stones - the stones will add a nourishing earthy element and a sense of groundness.

2. Chakra Cleansing

Our causal body is formed of seven discs of vortices of light or wheels known as chakras. They are located along the spinal cord; they are fields of energy that are linked to different physical organs. They spin clockwise when running free of blockages.

To help you connect and clean the energy around your chakras, practice this mental exercise with focus on different parts of your anatomy. To practice this exercise, it is best to do so in the evening and in your safe place.

  1. Sit or lie comfortably with your eyes closed.

  2. Take three to five deep, slow breaths. Use any method that you prefer to find yourself completely relaxed and at ease.

  3. Once relaxed, meet your higher self, standing by a "healing bed" - a space that appears to you, such as a flower bed, down feathers, or silk sheets. 

  4. Using this space, imagine it illuminated by candlelight, surrounded by crystals. Allow yourself to let anything appear. This healing place is enchanting, magical and loving. 

  5. Lie down upon your “healing bed”; have your higher self sit beside you and shut down your mind. 

With steps 1 - 5 complete, conduct each of the following with each part of the body listed below:

  1. Focus on the body part listed below.

  2. Visualize a bright shiny sphere.

  3. Mentally spin the sphere clockwise.

  4. Start slowly and gradually increase the speed. As the sphere spins faster and faster, it becomes more and more colourful.

  5. When it reaches its maximum vibrancy, decrease the spinning. 

  6. Slow down the spinning of the sphere. 

  7. Stop the spinning and hold this energy for a few seconds.

Conduct the above exercise with each part of the your body using its respective colour:

√ Tailbone region: vibrant red

√ Genital area: bright orange

√ Navel, the region above your belly button: buttery yellow

√ Heart section: emerald green

√ Throat area: sapphire blue

√ Third eye, the space between the eyebrows: brilliant indigo

√ Crown of your head: beautiful violet

Your chakras are now fully clear and fully charged. When you feel ready, mentally count from one to five; then open your eyes and return to your feeling of peace.

3. Incense

The origins of incense are from the ancient times in Egypt and Greece and the word comes from latin, meaning “to burn”. 

When selecting incense sticks, make sure it is made from natural materials. Scents originating from chemicals and synthetics dyes are not healthy and don't carry the same spiritual power for shifting energies. A few examples of incense for cleansing your personal energy are Frankincense, Cedar, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sage and Sandalwood.

Select a scent that your body is naturally drawn to. Arrange them in a circle and sit in the middle of its circumference. Light the incense sticks as directed on the package. 

Once lit, begin with setting your personal intention to let go of all your emotional baggage that has accumulated, including your energies that no longer serve you. Next, deeply inhale to charge your aura with purified air. When inhaling, feel the love, joy, health and goodness that you deserve. As you exhale, expel the toxins out into the universe. When exhaling, remove the heaviness, lethargy, sadness and negativity. Continue this cycle until you feel a change in your personal space.

4. Smudging

Smudging is a sacred and ancient ritual with its roots from the Native American culture; so when smudging, do it with reverence and gratitude knowing it’s from a powerful line of spiritual tradition. The most common herb used is sage. The smoke of a smudge bundle instantly creates an enormous shift in a person’s energy, releasing heavy and stagnated energy. 

Smudging is done by tying dried herbs together, and burning them to create smoke (use precautions to avoid burning yourself and/or prevent a fire). Place an abalone shell or a fireproof dish underneath the burning herbs to catch any stray sparks. Turn off the burning bundle by running it under water.

To smudge yourself, stand with your feet slightly apart in a T position. If possible, it is best to do it outside. Think of your intention, ‘what are you intending to clear?’ Repeat your intention aloud or use a mantra, ‘I let go of all negativity now’ or ‘I am a limitless being of peace and abundance’. Keeping the sage bundle at arm's length away from you, work your way up starting from your feet, visualizing the negativity going away. 

Whether you are an amateur or have previous experience with spiritual cleansing, remember that no matter which method you use, your intention and your honest desire is what will bring the most value to manifest the effects of the ritual in this life.



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Reviewed by Jessica Caceres.


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