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Antidote to Stress Four

Updated: May 30, 2023


Use support systems, when needed. It is not a positive quality to "go it alone". Create one if you don’t have one.

Spend time with other people. We are social beings and social activities will boost your mood.

Eat with company, if possible. Positive family or friend connections are very calming and even soothing.

Engage in pleasant activities weekly; join a group (visit your local library for ideas); engage in a hobby. These will get your creative passionate juices flowing.

Learn to say no and say yes to yourself more often. A happy you is a happy environment.

Be a problem-solver; brain-storm and find alternative solutions to a real problem. Select an alternative, try it and then evaluate it.

Use self-soothing calming self-talk. Talk to yourself when you are distressed in the same manner you would talk to friends to calm them down when they are distressed.

All of these mindful strategies will help you become grounded physically and mentally. Most of us will do well in one area and fall behind in others. Consider completing a new activity in each of the above categories and try to integrate it in your daily routine. Learning something new will bring a positive shift.

We are not held back but the love we did not receive in the past, but the love we are not extending in the present. -Marianne Williamson

Monica is a wife and mother of two teenagers. Passionate founder of Zazen Meditation & Self-care Studio. She is a firm believer in the physical and spiritual healing of meditation. Monica shares her passion by empowering individuals in her community, facilitating workshops in Mindfulness, Holistic self-care and Emotional regulation. Under the umbrella of Mindfulness practices, Ayurveda Care, Yoga Therapy and Conscious Breath Work, Monica supports her clients by offering guidance in their healing journey.

Monica is trained in Akhanda- Hatha classical yoga , Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist, Restorative Yoga for emotional balance, Healing meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness based stress reduction. Monica is a strong advocate for mental health in her community to break the stigma. Extensively collaborates with the non-profit organization, Youth Mental Health Canada.

To contact Her Email:

To learn more visit Us @

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